What to Look for When Choosing a Crib Mattress?

  • Posted by mohammad maidul
  • March 20, 2017 12:09:21 AM PDT
Purchasing a baby product such as crib ,stroller, mattress is not as simply as it sounds. It may require a good deal of careful inspection on various aspects including size, type, thickness, materials, and more.
Newborn children are likely to spend major portions of times on their baby crib mattresses; therefore, comfort and safety are highly essentials. Some suggestions about the issues are listed as follows.
1. Size
The standard full size crib measures at 52-inch L x 28-inch W. The suitable mattress for the crib should be at least 51 5/8-inch L x 27 1/4-inch W. There are actually other options available such as standard size and mini or portable size.
Regardless of the size, crib and the mattress should be perfectly matched. It is good to avoid gap/recess between the mattress and crib in all sides. The easiest way to ensure safety is by inserting fingers in the gap created between crib and mattress; a good assembly will not fit for two fingers in every side.
2. Type
Baby crib mattresses are available in two popular types including foam and coil. Both types are equally good for babies.
The more important thing is firmness factor. Either foam or coil mattress should provide enough firmness for the baby to be able to comfortably move, turn, and lift the head. A firm mattress also provides better support for babies’ sleeping positions. Usually, a heavy mattress is as well a firm mattress.
You can simply check the firmness by punching or pressing the mattress before purchasing. Innerspring mattress should be equipped with at least 150 coils for standard full size.
3. Color and Pattern
When it comes to color and pattern, it entirely depends on individual’s preferences. Nonetheless, it is suggested that babies love colors more than the like patterns. It is also good to avoid white color because it is easily spoiled by dirt.
It is always good to choose any particular color that blends perfectly with the overall room decorations. There are many different colors and patterns, so it should not be difficult to find one that is perfect for everybody’s needs.
4. Thickness
Similar to size aspect, baby crib mattresses are available some different thickness measurements. Usually, thickness goes proportionally according to the length and width. A full size crib mattresses is 6-inch in thickness at most.
The smaller sizes normally have less thickness; a mini or portable mattress is commonly 1-inch to 3-inch thick, but a 5.5-inch thick is also available. Thickness usually reflects density; a thicker mattress logically has more foam or coils stuffed inside. Thickness and weight are good indicators for density.
5. Fire-retardant
Safety and health factors are equally important. Crib mattresses made of organic materials should be great. Furthermore, materials such as wool and cotton are natural fire-resistant; they do not contain chemical substances as well.
Cotton and wool are breathable and comfortable. Fire-retardant materials are great, but they should contain no harmful chemical substances.
Health, comfort, and safety are major factors to consider in choosing baby crib mattresses. Babies spend most of the times on the mattress, so it is important to provide comfortable, healthy, and safe beds for them.
Crib mattresses are available in various sizes and materials; a good one will be a thick, firm, full size mattress that is made from organic fire-retardant material