Facts and superstitions in the casino

  • Posted by Shanon Stevenson
  • October 12, 2017 2:23:06 AM PDT

Always around gambling there are a lot of different facts and superstitions that seemingly experienced players should not believe, since scientists have long proven that it is impossible to influence the winnings in roulette and slot machines, however, players persist in believing these superstitions and fact, infecting them with new players with casino welcome bonus no deposit.

Beginners are always lucky.

This superstition is artificial, as it was first invented by medieval sharers. The fact is that for excitement in a rookie of excitement, the sharper first gave him a little to win, and only then he robbed the poor fellow before the thread. Naturally, in modern casinos and online casinos there are no sharers, since the security service is closely monitoring this, but do not blindly rely on this rule when you first visit a gambling establishment. If you are a beginner, do not assume that the first time you come to a casino or online casino and immediately making a big bet, you will certainly be lucky. Such stories are well received by lovers of tabloid novels, but in life everything is different.

Unjustified excitement.

There are a lot of proverbs among the people who wisely emphasize the need to stop in time. The casino works in a way that causes the player to have a serious excitement, so it's very difficult to stop on time. This leads to the fact that players completely forget all the laws of the casino, gaining unnecessary points to a knowingly winning combination. This happens under the pressure of the casino atmosphere, forcing the player to forget the basics of the game and to commit rash actions.

A band of luck and a bad luck zone.

Luck itself does not exist, there are only successful coincidences of circumstances that experienced players can use to achieve their desired goals. E need to think that without the proper experience and knowledge, the player will be constantly taken. Usually, you can hear a lot about bad luck, as they are more frequent "guests" in casinos and online casinos.

The pursuit of the first million.

Before starting the race for his first million in gambling establishments, the player must clearly understand for himself that a big win in the casino is possible only at a large cost to achieve it. Many players rely on blind luck, because they think that you can just come to a gambling establishment to play on a slot machine and win a huge jackpot. In practice, this is not at all, in order to get a big win, you need to be prepared for the fact that you are facing big losses.

The latter can not be played.

A common myth says that many players, betting on the last dollar, not only played out all that they managed to lose before that, but also left the casino in a solid plus. It's not like that at all! Usually, the game of last money is a gesture of despair that is characteristic of beginners and gamblers, a real player will not lose more than the amount he has allocated for the game today, as he clearly understands that the last dollar can not return all the lost money to him.