The Letter Book For Business and Marketing

  • Posted by james rivard
  • November 7, 2017 9:00:00 PM PST

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But it goes beyond that. As every great copywriter knows, these techniques are directly transferable to the Internet, whether through web copy or email or whatever. This book earned Robert Collier the distinction of being one of the greatest marketing minds in history. Robert Collier sales letters were successful because he wrote to his readers' needs. As an expert in marketing, his sales savvy and writing expertise placed hundreds of millions of dollars in his clients' pockets. Video Demos are used to showcase the key info about the product and its benefits, marketing is proving to have a huge impact. He wrote "Secret of the Ages " during an active and successful life developed upon basic ideas which opened up new vistas of living for countless multitudes of people. Brought up to be a priest, he worked as a mining engineer, an advertising executive and a prolific writer and publisher.