A Proper Format to Write a Persuasive Essay

  • Posted by Mark Stephen
  • January 12, 2018 6:20:13 AM PST

Writing persuasive essay is fascinating and very challenging at the same time. In a persuasive essay, a writer has to successfully explain his viewpoints to the readers to persuade them. Persuasive essay tests the factual and illustrative knowledge of the writer. Such type of essays can change the mentality of the audience by convincing them with the help of proofs and evidence. The best thing about writing persuasive essays is that you can express your views on a topic that is considered highly controversial or debatable. Given below is a proper format to write a persuasive essay:


Coming Up with the Title: The title is an important part of an essay, and it should be written in bold letters. The title of your essay should be apt and attention-getting. The title should be short, and it must be related to the topic and content. The title should grab the attention of your audience from the beginning. One way to grab the attention of your target audience is that you write the title in form of a question.


Good and Relevant Introduction: You need few lines to write an introduction. Introduction of an essay should clearly explain the topic, which will be discussed in the essay. Your introduction should be written in the way that main concept of your essay immediately come into the minds of the readers. Readers should come to know from the introduction whether their doubts or queries will be answered in the next paragraphs. You should also mention in the introduction why you have chosen a particular topic and what is its scope.


Body Paragraphs (Main Body)

A body may consist of three to four paragraphs, and it should give all information related to the topic of debate. Persuasive essays can be written in a question/answer format in order that writer tries his/her best to answer all questions that are raised by the media and the general public about the topic of debate. The main body must include tips and suggestions, which can prove to be useful to handle the serious situations. With the help of substantial details and proofs, which can include the government published statistics or information received from authentic sources, you can make the readers change their minds for their benefit.

Conclusion:  Conclusion is also a crucial part of an essay. It is the part where you summarize the main topic of your discussion and tell how your arguments about a particular topic are correct. You can conclude your persuasive essay by saying: “Readers have to change their minds as my essay aims at giving creative suggestions and not enforcing readers to do anything.”


In a nutshell, a proper format is necessary to come up with a persuasive essay on any given topic. Writing persuasive essay requires lots of skills, which can be acquired only after you have got sufficient experience and done practice to write a persuasive essay.


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