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  • Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising and Business

    Hello Guys,
    This book was created for the 90 percent of small business owners who reportedly are dissatisfied with the results they get from local advertising. If followed, these rules, among them don’t ask your customer what brought the...
  • Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer

    Hello Guys,
    Captains of Consciousness offers a historical look at the origins of the advertising industry and consumer society at the turn of the twentieth century. For this new edition Stuart Ewen, one of our foremost interpreters of popular ...
  • 7 Reasons Why You Must Use an Online Task Management Software

    In today’s competitive business environment and workplace culture, multitasking is the norm. Multiple projects are in progress at one time. Add to that the distractions and pressures to meet tight deadlines and you have a tough challenge in front...
  • 8Ballpoolhackers Have Lot To Offer So You Must Check The Out

    On the web 8-ball pool is definitely an fantastic way to spend a day relaxing. It´s now getting highly popular to play with online 8 ball pool to get a real income plus recently several internet sites. Better is to click here
  • Choosing a Financial Planner: Best Tips in 2017

    Simple as it might sound, look for a fiduciary or in other words a planner who has pledged to act in a client’s best interests always. Investment experts who aren’t fiduciaries show lesser standard of professionalism.

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  • Megadrol

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  • Checklist for Buyers Who Seek Home Improvement Loans with Bad Credit History

    Low credit score is not the end of your financial freedom; though it is a major stumble block of the pace of credit growth.
  • Ogilvy on Advertising Vintage

    Hello Guys,
    This book is a comprehensive guide on all the facets of advertising. It begins with an introduction with a chapter called Overture. It then goes on to explain the core concepts of the field like how to get clients and how to come u...
  • Advertising Agency Business Management & Operation

    Hello Guys,
    The Advertising Agency Business was published, it was heralded as the most comprehensive management guide to this dynamic, fast-changing business.Manage your agency profitably with key financial insights, including expert guidance ...