Like the absence of the FIFA 17 Coins

  • Alba, Javier Mascherano, Pique, Busquets, Iniesta, Rakitic, Nei Maer, Suarez and Messi an overall of 9 Barcelona players from the Fifa Points Account team of this year's candidate list, Messi is the FIFA Player of the Year one of the last three strong participants, but none of these people arrived, and thus were included, including C Luo famous people, public criticism and paradox.



    Barca said in a statement, the absence of the FIFA 17 Coins award is due to prepare for Wednesday's Bilbao's King's Mug game, and Enrique is also the sport before the press convention, said: "go to the awards ceremony is the players Their own judgements, as their coach, I can only help them. "



    Enrique is also very pleased with the players to the game as the most crucial, after all, Barcelona in the first leg to 1-2 adverse: "sports competitive reasons first and foremost, I will support them any decision I'll unconditionally support my workforce, we immediately To use a key game to engage in, I think the team 's decision should be to fight for.



    "After the game we analyzed the experience, it is clear that any of us are not a positive side, but we scored a target, it gives us more choices, the Cup with the particular league to two rounds on the game, for example, I "Said Enrique. " It's a subject matter, but it's football. Even if you play very well and the data will be pretty, but you do have many things to do, Not always win, you have to are more efficient. "

    Enrique said he won't complain: "When I was inquired about Cristiano Ronaldo's irony for the FIFA Awards, Enrique responded: " I have been in the past week I did definitely not watch TV and I was lucky.