Balance of Life | Hajj and Umrah Packages

  • Life is all about maintaining balance and harmony in life. We desire for a worldly life despite knowing that everything on this earth is temporary. Your emotions, body, soul, hence every matter of life needs to be on balance. Anything that leads to extreme praise or too much guilt is not liked by Allah. Destroy every thought that is leading towards imbalance life. In order to reach the balanced life, one needs knowledge with action and mind with proper insight. We might have learned Islam but this is too less knowledge that we have, depth is still untouched, we are following extremists of our society. Every other person is just using Islam for their worldly benefits, politicians, business associates and even your elders.  


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    Instead of implementing the right system to keep balance of life, we are fighting over that issues that will not feed the hungry nor help someone to be self critical. Our system is teaching us to be free while your mind is already captured by the norms of society. You are bound to think in the direction which already a trash. Our knowledge, wisdom, and intellectualism, everything is at stake because of this imbalance in life. Retreat your thoughts with a new perspective towards life. You should be worried if your neighbor is grieving or hungry, they might need your help, but their self-esteem is not allowing them. So, be aware of your surroundings, and try to serve the humanity in a best way you can.


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