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  • Many gamers buy cheap wow gold also exchange hate speech over their headsets as they stalk each other across the virtual battlefields. Players trade racist, homophobic and anti Semitic insults so frequently that game makers are taking steps to tone down the rhetoric.
    The comments would shock parents who may not realize their children are constantly exposed to language that might make a sailor blush. Most parental concerns have focused on violence, not language.
    One gamer told an opponent he presumed to be Jewish that he wished Hitler had succeeded in his mission. Many exchanges involve talk of rape or exult over the atomic bombing of Japan. There are frequent slurs on homosexuals, Asians, Hispanics and women.
    Such comments can be heard on all online video gaming systems, including PlayStation Network, Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft) and others. "I don't play with anybody I don't already know."...  more
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Hurry up to buy wow gold fast with 8% discount on safewow

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